Lido Beach Dash

Written by Sheila on March 12th, 2011

After an hour talking “shop” Mical, Kirk and I ran around my new studio on Central Avenue  taking a few photo’s near an interesting tree someone planted not too long ago, then we made a mad dash to the north Lido beach to catch the sunset for a few gorgeous beach shots.  All these photo’s were taken with only minutes left to catch the sunset.  Lido Beach – what can I say:  Just stunning; perfect sunset and the funnest couple ever.

If you are planning a wedding on Lido beach, we can help you get the engagement and wedding pictures of a lifetime – we love Lido and it is our favorite beach in Florida ;)

From here, downtown Sarasota- we jump into the rental and head to North Lido Beach.  Only 20 minutes until Sunset and a huge amount of traffic on St. Armand’s Circle but we get to the beach with enough time to get some amazing shots.  I’ve got to admit, the lighting and the colors of this particular evening were just vibrant.  Most of the photo’s below are right out of the camera, with little to no enhancement. What luck, the sunset was perfect and the water was azure blue.

Ok – i am totally in love with their eye color – because of the lighting of the day and their natural beauty, their eyes seem to glow with vibrancy. As I was photographing  Mical and Kirk, I could see right in the camera the beautiful color of their eyes. I didn’t say anything about it, but I was really excited to go home and see if it was actually captured  like I saw it on the beach.  Yep.

They brought a change of clothes with them and their own beach hats; what could be more perfect?

A perfect Lido Beach Sunset. I am loving this series of the next 3 photographs, with the couple and their straw beach hats. LUV!

Kirk and Mical are planning their wedding from Georgia to Florida and will be getting Married on October 15th, 2011 and I am honored and excited to be a part of their special day – See you soon.


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