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IMG Golf Club Wedding – Bradenton

Monday, December 29th, 2014

What a little hidden gem and my first wedding at the IMG Golf and Country club in Bradenton Florida.  Pam and Earl married in the afternoon with a private ceremony and reception of mostly just family. While there was no wedding party, I had lots of time to work with just the bride and groom around the grounds and make some  wonderful and romantic images.

IMG Academy Wedding 01

Bradenton Wedding

IMG Academy Wedding 02

Look at her eyes!

IMG Academy Wedding 03

Pretty Pink Flowers

IMG Academy Wedding 04

Wedding Details

IMG Academy Wedding 05

Wedding flowers

IMG Academy Wedding 06

bridal bouqet

IMG Academy Wedding 07

Bradenton Bride

IMG Academy Wedding 08

Handsome Groom

IMG Academy Wedding 09

This is a shot the bride really wanted. Love it

IMG Academy Wedding 10

First Kiss

IMG Academy Wedding 11

Happy Couple

IMG Academy Wedding 12

IMG Wedding

IMG Academy Wedding 13

Romantic Shots

IMG Academy Wedding 14

Love this!

IMG Academy Wedding 15

Holding Hands

IMG Academy Wedding 16

Wall of vines

IMG Academy Wedding 17

Floral shot, blue sky

IMG Academy Wedding 18

Cute idea. Hats as favors. So fun

IMG Academy Wedding 19

Wedding Reception Bradenton Florida

IMG Academy Wedding 20

Fun with hats: IMG

IMG Academy Wedding 21

Sangria Bar!

IMG Academy Wedding 22

Wedding Rings

IMG Academy Wedding 23

Cake and touching shot: Grandmother, Mother, daughter rings and hands

IMG Academy Wedding 24

Romantic first dance

IMG Academy Wedding 25

Florida Sunset

Earl and Pam, thanks so much for choosing me and for all the wonderful feedback and appreciation. You were both so gracious and fun to work with. Good luck and Happy New Year!



Sarasota Wedding Photographer; Palmetto E Sesson

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Here is hoping everyone is having a gorgeous and meaningful new year. I thought this Florida engagement session would be a perfect way to continue the celebration. Cassandra and Kevin’s country military engagement session is unbelievably gorgeous! Taken just in time before Kevin headed back to his base. The photos and theme came together beautifully. Leave it up to their creative personalities to find the perfect props to take their country vibe from cute to stunning.  Enjoy the beauty you’re about to see and remember to thank incredible people like Kevin for their selfless sacrifice.

Here’s to loving Florida almost as much as I love photographing adorable couples. Cassandra and Kevin will be getting married later this year.

Emerson Point Preserve is so dynamic for photo sessions and for exploring. It is vast and and full of green-space with the best of all worlds. Tall grass, oak trees, walkways and water front.

Cassandra had so many great ideas, and just threw them out to me and I was total on board with all of them. The entire engagement session was done at Emerson Point Preserve in Palmetto Florida:  Sarasota Wedding Photographer: Sheila Simmington


Al & Sue – Downtown Sarasota, Selby Gardens Wedding

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Emerson Point, Palmetto E-Session

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Adorable in every way; Elise and Jack will be getting married at the Crosley Estate later this year in December. Can’t wait!

Sarasota Garden Club Wedding

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

We have our very own Secret Garden here in Sarasota; just like the book. Unknown to many people who even live here in Sarasota. It is perfect for a small or medium sized wedding – and very affordable. Ashley and Clayton married in the gardens late November.

The Garden Club, nestled in the north corner of downtown, near the Hyatt hotel has everything a photographer dreams for.. well I do anyway. Lush grass, heavy full trees, ponds, rustic benches, unkempt stepping stones and fresh flowers galore. The combination of the sun and the blushing bride Ashley had all my attention – I was inspired by the combination! Check it out.

Back inside for the girls, a little freshening up and getting ready for that walk down the isle.  Lets see what’s happening in the hall where the reception is taking place later and a quick hello to the guys on the other side of the building. I am in love the the vintage hand mirror and the brassy tea pots for flower pots on the center tables. Here are some more details:

I departed the Sarasota Garden Club that night and the party was just peaking – Such a tight knit crowd of friends on the dance floor singing and dancing, I dare not interrupt. I just let myself out and captured this closing shot on my way home. Thanks to Ashley and her dad for finding me and for that contagious smile you’ve got Ashley! Congrats.