Ca’ d’zan Mansion and the Belvedere Tower

Written by Sheila on March 17th, 2012

At this point you may be wondering why I have all these photo’s of this couple on the grounds of the Ringling and there is nothing else happening.  Well that is because this particular couple decided to have a very private wedding, just 4 people and take all their photo’s before their ceremony around the grounds of the lovely Ringling Grounds. There was NO wedding party, no guests, no flower girl  and no DJ.  Just the lucky bride and the very lucky groom.  As you will See just after sunset the couple will climb to the 4th level of the Belvedere tower for a quick ceremony and then a private dinner. The evening was just gorgeous in every way. Enjoy!

Here is the moment the wonderful couple has been waiting for. After traipsing around the entire grounds of the Ringling Museum.  And if any of you have ever been to the Ringling grounds, it is large and sprawling and simply stunning.  They are shown here climbing to the very top of the Belvedere Tower at the Ca d’zan.  Once at the top of the tower, you will see, the couple will immediately have their intimate ceremony by sunset and a spectacular, perfect dinner for four provided by Treviso.  The setting, the service, the view: spectacular.


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