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The 2nd Photographers Photo’s

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

You all want to know what kind of style my assistants and 2nd photographers have as their shooting style; Why my style of course! Talented and passionate in their own right about photography, here are a few examples of  photographs taken by my 2nd photographers. Enjoy – they ROCK

I will be adding more, but I hope you really enjoyed seeing the artistic endeavors of the photographer I work closest with.  All these photo’s were taken in the last few months.  Thanks for looking and thank you Matthew and Eric.

Ringling Museum Wedding, Sarasota

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Jarrett and Jessica married on the grounds of the Ringling Museum of Art here in Sarasota. They timed their wedding perfectly so as to get ready on the beach, have their “first glance” and then head on over in a limo bus to walk around the grounds of the Ringling to capture some of these amazing shots before their sunset Ca d’zan wedding.

The bride and her bridal party occupied a suite at the lido beach resort for their getting ready preparation and photography. Once the bridal party was ready, we headed out to the beach for a first glance with the groom as you will see in a few photo’s ahead of this one.

Leaving the beach with the wedding party to head to the Ringling grounds

A charming photo, if ever I saw one. The couple decided to see each before the ceremony. All the photo’s were taken around the Ringling Grounds beforehand. Plenty of beautiful sunlight and they got their sunset ceremony. The grounds at the Ringling are kept immaculate and roses are in bloom. We got so luck with some of these shots. When you have a leisure few hours to do all the photographs in advance, everyone is more relaxed and when the ceremony is over, you can go right into the party with all formal photo’s have been taken in advance.

I treasure this photo above, it’s got a lot of appeal for me. The texture is grain and vintage and oh so romantic. This was a photograph taken by my assistant Matthew. While I was taking a front approach through the window (see the next photograph) he was capturing side angles, and boy did he ever with this shot. The bride was very happy with this moment and how it was captured.

Another treasure photo! This one was just  a moment, while the couple thought I was replacing my batteries, I “caught” the groom Jarrett playing with the brides hair. This was completely upstaged in any way. I think it sexy;)

I really cherish shots that come right out of the camera and look like the one above. I find this non-posed photograph absolutely romantic.

These last two photographs also come right out of the camera with no editing or photoshop at all. The night and sunset was very rich and the feel romantic. And I had the pleasure of taking the couple to the very top of the Ca d’zan Tower, 5 stories up. The official name for this drop dead goregous location is called the  Belvedere Tower.  The tower is now open and can accommodate very small parties (no more than 7 at a time).

Here it is lit up the best I have seen it: The Ringling private house on the bay: Ca Da’ Zan. A party that can’t be beat.