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What to Wear for Maternity Portraits

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

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Posing for maternity portraits is a way for pregnant women to celebrate their pregnancies and have a photographic keepsake of their experiences. Portraits of pregnant mothers can range from artistic to traditional, with mothers donning sophisticated clothes that accentuate the pregnant belly or nothing at all. Regardless of what they wear, however, maternity photos give pregnant women the opportunity to boost their confidence during a time when they may not feel they look their best. If you’re planning to take maternity photos in the near future, read on to find out more about what to wear for maternity portraits.

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    What to Wear for Maternity Portraits | eHow.com.


  1. When considering clothing for maternity photo shoots, it is important for each woman to take into consideration her sense of style, level of comfort and types of maternity photos she wants to have. Nude photos tend to be more artistic photographic representations of pregnancies with a focus on the pregnant belly. More conservative photos tend to consist of a pregnant woman from the belly up or a full body shot. For these, the pregnant woman dons clothes that shows off her stomach.
  2. Types

  3. Clothing for maternity photo shoots should be tight-fitting around the belly. Loose and baggy shirts and pants will only hide the pregnant stomach. Stretch pants and pants that have low waistlines won’t bunch up as the woman is posing or sitting, and are a good idea to wear during a shoot. In addition, tight-fitting tank tops and maternity tops that have thin fabrics that cling to the body are also good choices for maternity portraits.For pregnant women who want to include their other children in their shoots, they may don a more playful style of clothing. White tank tops accentuate the stomach and have thin fabrics. Casual fitted khaki pants are a good wardrobe choice for these types of shoots.
  4. Time Frame

  5. A pregnant woman should consider taking maternity photos as far along in her pregnancy as possible. If she does this later in the pregnancy, she will be better able to show off her stomach in the clothing that she wears. The third trimester tends to be the best time to schedule a maternity photo shoot. The belly is extremely visible at this point, and the photographer can capture the fullness of the stomach.
  6. Warning

  7. Keep clothing selections for maternity portraits simple. Stripes and busy patterns can hide the stomach or detract attention away from it. Instead, stick with solid colors. In general, black and white clothing tends to work best. In fact, something as simple as a husband’s button down shirt works well,  Black and white lingerie can also be used for more artistic shoots.